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Bell`Olio is made from 100% Coratina olives, hand-picked, crushed with old traditional methods and finished rigorously cold-pressed within a few short hours of being plucked from the trees, this olive oil has a classic Pugliese taste coupled with low acidity. Its bold-yet-balanced suite of flavours is kept intact by state-of-the-art milling and handling. The love and dedication that goes into producing this exquisite example of Italy's finest extra virgin olive oils have led it to stand out among all other Italian cultivars based on its complexity.The Coratina is the predominant olive variety in this EVO classification, Coratina’s high polyphenol count and its solid lipid structure make it molecularly stable. And by molecularly stable, we mean it will last a long time on your kitchen shelf. While it is recommended you use most olive oils within a few months of opening them, Coratina lasts 18-24 months. That’s good news for those of us who end up with such a large collection of olive oils that we don’t use them very fast.Extra virgin olive oil is good for your health; we all know that. But even in a family of oils that are good for you, Coratina is better. Nature has gifted Coratina olives with remarkablyhigh polyphenol content. Phenols are the part of olive that fight cancer, destroy oxidants, and promote healthy ageing.While all good quality olive oil has a nice phenol count in it, Coratina’s is so high that just four teaspoons give you the recommended healthy amount for daily intake. It’s like a short cut. You get all the benefits of the oil by eating less oil. Good for your caloric intake, and still just as healthy

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